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Brian & Ina Casburn   PH: (02) 48 889 207    FAX: (02) 48 889 271

Enjoy TROUT FISHING - all year round !


You can enjoy fishing in the Wollondilly River throughout the whole year , as the river does not close for fishing during the colder months .

Besides trout , there are also native Maquarie Perch, a few Bass and Fresh Water Catfish in the river . We do have also some ( much hated ) Carp . Before you start going off about how damaging they are I have a comment . They are quite a nice fighting fish to catch ( use corn , bread or worms ) and good to eat ! Huh , here comes the next storm ... I know you been told they taste like mud and s... , but this is only true with carp out of small dams . In a big flowing clean river they taste great ( and I used to hate them too , believe me ! ) . So if you catch one , don't throw it away ( it's not nice on the riverbanks either ! ) , but try my simple recipe :

Cut the fillets off ( by sliding a sharp knife along the ribs ) , lightly salt + pepper them , sprinkle with lemon juice . Heat real butter in a fry pan , bake fillets ~ 10 min either side till flesh is nice + white - enjoy ! If you still don't like it that's fine , but at least you have tried . We do have a large following of various Europeans who come here to do nothing but sit back, enjoy themselves and catch carp to eat - they can't be all wrong!

Please note :

It is an offence to dig up river banks for worms and causes erosion of the river banks . We do sell worms in the office, please ask.

 Also if you do catch an unwanted carp please DON'T leave it on the river bank or in our rubbish bin ( it stinks !!) , simply bring it up to the office ( as fresh as possible please) as we do eat it or use it for yummy pet food ( Meooowww).


Current Fishing Info ( 18 - 1 - ) :

The river is at a good level, the rapids are running well, the water is lightly coloured. It is not a great time for trout during the summer but you may hook a carp or else. You only need to come and catch'em! All I can do is to wish you some Good Luck !

Below the photo of 2 nice examples , caught on the 20 - 7 - in the Wollondilly




Wollondilly River Station is surrounded by NATURAL BUSHLAND and STUNNING MOUNTAINS .




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This offers countless opportunities to observe native wildlife in it's natural habitat , while you are sitting at your camp site or explore the area during bushwalks , mountain bike and canoe tours or on horse back .





Enjoy the natural Australian Bush Camping experience !