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Contact us
Brian & Ina Casburn PH: 02 48 889 207 or 48 889 239 Fax: 02 48 889 271
For bookings please use phone at specified times (or fax / post our form) as we do not use emails. If you leave a booking please give a home phone number for us to contact you.
Booking courtesy: We know it is a 24/7 world today but we would appreciate if you could remember some old fashioned common courtesy.
Please DON'Tcall on Sunday evenings or the day after a long weekend or holiday period as we have been WORKING and like to relax now. Please remember WE do not get a holiday.

For bookings over ~ 5 Adults.and /or more than 3 nights we always like a written (Fax/ letter) booking.

Bookings Form :

Please enter your contact details , your date of arrival , number of people and pets , preferred camping site and any additional comment or question you might have :

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Home Phone
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Number of Adults
and Kids
and Pets

Number of tents
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Date of arrival
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Fax form to: 02 48 889 271

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No Fax machine? Try free POPFAX.COM it converts email to faxes.

Brian & Ina Casburn
PO Box 1048
Bowral 2576 NSW
Phone :
(02) 48 889 207
(Meal Times & after 7 PM )
0428 480 853
( Mobile Phone NOT in service on property !)
Fax : Print off bookings form above and fax to
(02) 48 889 271
NO EMail Bookings!!!

Comment Form :

Have you already visited our place ? Tell us what you did like , what you did not like , what can we do better , or anything else you might want us to know. Please print forms to sent as email for submit button is no longer active :

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Web-Site gauge :

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Other comments:

Thank you for your bookings and taking the time to comment on our services .

We are looking forward to welcome you soon @

Wollondilly River Station !!


See ya soon , mate

Brian & Ina

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