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Camp Fires

Brian & Ina Casburn PH: (02) 48 889 207  FAX: (02) 48 889 271

Camp fires - the ultimate joy of your Bush camping experience!

Generally we do allow Camp Fires all year round - a great privilege which we try to protect for your pleasure and convenience.

We need your help, so please do adhere to our common sense camp fire rules!

Fires to be

  • kept small.
  • in existing fire places ONLY! Don't enlarge or move fires.
  • Don't build new fire places.
  • Don't throw rubbish and bottles in fires.
  • Fires must be extinguished with WATER before leaving camp site, NOT with dirt or rocks.
  • In hot, dry or windy summer conditions fires must be extinguished with water during the day, please check with us before re-lighting your fire in the evening.
  • On total fire ban days no open fires can be lit.
  • No chainsaws to be used in the camping areas.
  • Fire restrictions on any given day by us MUST be adhered to or you may be expelled of camp area.
  • If you have problems with fires please notify us IMMEDIATELY!!!
  • Cooking fires should be small, you cook over hot coals, not raging big flames. Keep a small fire burning in half of your fire place, rake out hot coals on other half to cook on- it will improve your food believe me.
  • Camp ovens cook with hot coals or heat beads on top of the lid and under neath the oven, not in the middle of a big fire( see Ina's " How to cook in the Camp Oven " Book)
  • You should always carry a gas stove and a bag of quality Heatbeads for your cooking needs.

How to extinguish a fire place properly:

Douse fire with plenty of water, submerge logs in buckets or river till they are cold. Ashes can keep hot for days, even if there is no flame or smoke fire may still be glowing underneath.

Douse with water and dig up ashes with stick or tentpeg till all sizzling and smoking has stopped.

A fire is considered to be safe when you can safely place your hand in it !!

Never put smoldering logs next to the fire place.

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In about 40 years of hosting Bush Camping with fires allowed we never had a Bush Fire started from an escaped camp fire. We are proud of this and we are determined to keep our record straight.

Your co-operation is essential,

Thank You!