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Good Camping is easy!

Everyone knows how to camp! - Right ? -- Wrong!!

We are very experienced in Camping, 40 years of running a Pet friendly bush camping area, I have camped all my life, basic and ultra - basic on foot, horse back, motorbike or with car and 4x4.

I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

"Ultra Basic Camping"

  • Swag or mini tent
  • Billy can, cup, plate,waterbottle
  • Torch
  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack to carry your gear
  • Hiking single burner gas stove
  • Food: dried, few perishables, long life/canned foods

Only very few people would be interested ans capable of this primitive type of camping but for these it is a great and intense experience.

" Basic Camping"

  • small to medium tent
  • Sleeping bag,thin foam-inflatable mat, pillow,
  • Cooking utensils, pot and pan, teapot, light BBQ Grill-oven tray, small camp oven
  • extra tarp with poles
  • 20 ltr water container
  • clothes and personal items
  • gaslight or Coleman rechargeable Flourescent light
  • Gas stove + bag of Heatbeads
  • bucket or washing up dish
  • folding table and chair
  • eski
  • use long life, dried or canned food supplies to reduce cooling needs
  • use 5ltr cooler with tab for kids drinks instead of single drinks, fill with water + ice and cordial/fruitjuice, lasts for 2 days and saves room in your eski for meat & milk. Also kids opening the eski non-stop will greatly reduce the life of your ice and cool packs!
  • First Aid Kit
  • solar shower

" Family Camping"

  • All of Basic camping plus
  • kids out door games, balls, push bikes, board games, playing cards
  • quality large tarp with strong adjustable poles, good ropes + pegs
  • Mesh gazebo/ eating tent
  • canoe/ inflatable boat, airbeds/surfboards
  • rechargeable lights are safer with small kids than gas lights
  • eski/fridge
  • extra tent for kids
  • all weather clothing, good shoes, swimm gear, sunscreen
  • Portable CB Radios , great to stay in touch when kids go hiking or playing.

Most people should be able to enjoy this level of camping easily.

Basically camping equipment should be good quality, if possible multi function( tarp: shade, rain, wind protection, privacy, etc). Carry only what you need, keep it simple, do with out things - enjoy the difference between home with all your Mod-Con's and camping - out in nature, basic living.

It's always woth to buy quality, not always more expensive either.

For cooking and basic household items go to our Bowral Salvation Army Store in Kirkham Rd, Bowral. Also cheap Clothes etc. Don't buy plastic throw away dishes, they are expensive create much rubbish and mess, get your stuff there for a few dollars, if you don't camp much you can even give it back to them when you go home.

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