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Brian & Ina Casburn   PH: 02 - 48 889 207    FAX: 02 - 48 889 271

Here are some frequently asked questions and their - hopefully - satisfactory answers.

Q: How big are the camp sites?
A: Our sites vary in size as they follow the lay of the land along the river banks. They are NOT cut into little squares like a caravan park. Our policy is to MATCH PEOPLE TO SITES and to spread them out as much as possible. All sites will be allocated to you.

Q: How close to the river can we camp?
A: Most of our sites are right on the water. Some sites are on the creek or a short distance off the river, which may be better at times , depending on weather and personal circumstances ( e.g. young children). We will advise you of the best options when you get here.

Q: Can we have our own camp fire?
A: Yes, most times. Each site has it's own fire place. The main restriction is not to build new fire places or move old ones as this destroys camp sites and river banks. You must always extinguish your fire totally with water before leaving. During dry timesfires may be banned. Always bring a gas stove for cooking in case you can't have a fire.

Q: Where do we get fire wood?
A: You can bring some with you or we sell wood in large bundles at the office (most times). Note: No use of chain saws in the camp sites.

Q: Is there drinking water available?
A: We do have filtered water on tap at the office. Bring a container with you to fill.

Q: Is there plenty of water in the river?
A: Yes , there is always plenty of water in the river for swimming and canoeing.In dry times the rapids may be low but the big deep pools are always good. 

Q: Is the area acessible with 2 WD and trailer or caravan?
A: Yes, most of the sites can be acessed with cars and trailers. Some very low cars may not get into all spots. A few sites are 4 WD preferred.
FOR CARAVANSplease note: there are ~ 20 klm of gravel road either side of us which can be of varying condition, but is generally wider and in better repair on the Mittagong side. The sndstone tunnel is high enough to admit any standard height vehicle ( double decker cattle float).If you are concerned about the road conditions you may want to come and have a look for yourself.

Q: Is there a toilet close to our site?
A: Yes, toilets are all over the camp area. They are on site port-a-loo-pump-out-flush-toilets, NOT "long-drop-pits".

Q: Where is the shower?
A; The single shower is near a cottage (for power for hot water), it's free and open always.

Q: Can we bring pets, under which conditions?
A: Yes all pets are welcome. No special restrictions, you know your animal best. If it needs to be on a lead put it on , if it's well behaved you can leave it off. It is your responsibility to care for your pet and it's actions. PLEASE RESTRAIN YOUR DOGS NEAR THE OFFICE. In over 40 years of pet friendly camping we nevr had a pet left here and generally all pets are much loved and well behaved family members. A record be aer proud of. 

Q: Are you very busy?
A: We have a large are with lots of room most times. Anyhow if you are planning to come on a fine summer weekend and expect to be the only person on the place you may be disappointed. We are a popular place and there will be people here during the popular camping season. But mid week or on "off times" you have obviously less people here. It's all just a bit of common sense.
ON LONG WEEKENDS we are of course more busy and WE DO RESTRICT NUMBERS, so book early to secure your site. Also we may ask for a minimum nights ( 3 or more) stay on long weekends.

Q: Do you have a shop?
A: No. We do keep a few basic supplieslike ice, milk,bread, jams, etc which are LIMITED  and SUPPLEMENTARY. Please bring your stuff from town and use ours to top up when you are here a few days and run low. 

Q: Do you have powered sites?
A: No.

Q: Can we use a generator?
A: No.

Q: Do you allow trail bikes or 4 WDing?
A: No. We do not allow UNREGISTERED trail bikes, QUAD bikes, buggies or any 4 WDing in the camp sites. There are no 4 WD tracks on the property.

Q: What will the weather be like when I come?
A: Now this is the one I do like best. Let's just say this: We used to be SPOT ON with our long range weather forecasts, but unfortunately BRIAN BROKE OUR LAST CRYSTAL BALL! and now we are down to guessing same as you.
So if you are VERY concerned that it MAY rain or be hot or cold or windy or whatever, maybe camping is not your cup of tea after all.
I suggest you trust your instincts, prepare for different conditions ( always good to bring a tarp - shade + rain protection) and give it a go. Think positive nd enjoy yourself!

Q: Do you hire canoes?
A: No. If you have some, bring them or blow up boatsor LiLo's. The river is not suitable for motor boats.

Q: Will there be a fire ban or a bush fire?
A: Well, I obviously can't say there won't. But what I can say in over 40 years we never had a bush fire threaten the safety our campers. We do hazard reduction burns, have fire trucks, mow the camp sites, you are on a big river and Brian used to be fire captain for 20 years. I say it is as safe as possible.
If there is a TOTAL FIRE BAN you can't have a camp fire or solid BBQ fuels. We will advise you about fire bans or contact the frie brigade.
You should ALWAYS bring a gas stove to cook on , just in case.
During DRY TIMES we mointor OUR property and may EXTINGUISH and BAN FIRES IF WE SEE THE NEED TO DO SO!
All fires must be totally extinguished with water before departure - anytime.
But most times you will be able to enjoy a responsible camp fire.

Q: Are there mozzies or ticks?
A: We have only very few mozzies or ticks, but we do have flies in summer.

Q: Do you have horse riding?
A: No, but some people bring their own horses.

Any more questions? Ask us PH 02 48 889 207.