Bush Camping
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Rates & Facilities

Brian & Ina Casburn PH: (02) 48889239 or (02) 48889207 FAX: ( 02) 48 889 271
Attention: Winter maintenance closure:
We will be closed till 17 August 2017. Sorry, NO CAMPING.

 We are open for you and your pets 365 days a year and we do not increase our fees during holiday seasons .
Our Office is open till late ( on weekends usually till 8 or 9 PM ! although we have no set office hours ), so please do call in there upon arrival and before camping, even if it's after dark.
We are a working property and do not man our office 24 hours per day, usually you will find a message board with instructions and a CB radio so you can leave your own messages there, too.
We do allocate your camp sites, especially on long weekends, so no " pick your own" please.
For GROUP bookings please refer to ONE Booking Name only to avoid double bookings , e.g. 3 Families come with Jim Taylor , so any of the 3 who ring should quote " Jim Taylor's Group ", or pick a Code name e. g. : "Black Poodle Gang", "Molly's Girl's Group" , etc. This will make our live easier and ensures you will all camp together in the same spot.   Thank you!

Rates per night ( all year ) :

Adults (per person)    ------  $ 16
School age kids          -----   $   6
Under school age kids  ---   Free
Pets                              ---   Free

Please note:
We do NOT have credit card facilities.

On LONG WEEKENDS we may ask for a minimum stay of 3 or 4 nights.

Booking etiquette:

Please do NOT ring for bookings on Sunday nights or the day after a long weekend or holiday period, as we have been working hard then and like to sit down ourselves now. Thank you! 


  Wollondilly River Station's




Facilities :

We offer these BASIC SERVICES on our property :

  • HOT SHOWER ( free, 24 hours )
  • ICE
  • BASIC FOOD ( e.g. Milk, Bread, ...)Supplementary supplies only! Please bring initial supplies with you.
  • CAMP OVEN Cooking books & demos 
  • FIREWOOD FOR SALE (most times)


Camping Rules:
Our rules are few and simple common sense - please adhere to them !
  • DO NOT BUILD NEW OR MOVE OLD FIREPLACES, use existing fireplaces only. Extinguish all fires with plenty of water NOT with dirt or rocks (especially in summer). Don't throw bottles and rubbish into fireplaces. Read " Camp Fires" page.
  • No 4 WDing in camping areas, on riverbanks and in river.No unregistered vehicles, motorbikes, quad bikes, buggies etc in caming areas. 
  • Please separate rubbish and bottles & cans for recycling in strong plastic bags, do not use extra large extra thin bags which will be impossible to handle later. Place rubbish in trailer or truck at office. Free bags are available at office.
  • Limit noise at nights, many custumers come for peace and quiet.
  • Minimize driving in camp areas, stay on tracks, don't drive through campsites.
  • Don't cut green trees for firewood.
  • Don't use detergents in river.
  • Don't throw any items or personal toiletbags in our port-a-loos.
  • No power boats on river.
  • No generators.
  • Do not dismantle rock walls. It takes lots of blood , sweat and tears to put them up. Bring levelling devices ( wooden blocks or plastic chocks) for your trailers or vans, don't dig holes for levelling.
  • Please keep pets under control at the office.
  • Use shower facilities responsibly, shower has riverwater only!
  • Do not leave rocks on camp sites, they are a hazard to our mowing equipment!

Please don't dig holes in camp areas!
Hole dug in CG.gif

Dear NEW Customers please note:
We do advertise and offer BUSH CAMPING, we are not a Caravan Park or Resort Style Holiday area. Therefore we do NOT have:
  • Powered sites
  • Fixed Cooking facilities on each campsite ( only an open fire place, you can lent a BBQ plate from the office)
  • water taps on campsites ( Taps are in the camp office )
  • Lights in camp ground or toilets ( please bring torches)
  • Onsite caravans or cabins
  • A professional Shop ( only Ice and some basic supplies)
  • There is no mobile phone service in the camping ground
  • No credit card facilities.

Please be aware of this.

All customers and visitors to the property pleasse note:
We do take great care to provide a safe and pleasant Bush Camping environment for you but every visitor needs to be aware that they have to TAKE CARE AND FULL RESPOSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS.
All visitors and customers use the property AT THEIR OWN RISK.